I Capture the Castle
by Dodie Smith

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I LOVE this book! Yes it is a mix between p&p (pride and prejudice) , Anne Franks Diary and the Addams Family for sure. She (Cassandra) even mentions Elizabeth Bennett a few times if I am not mistaken. I borrowed the book from my sister and now I think I will just buy it. It is a keeper in my library. The book made me laugh and cry (granted, I am pregnant so that doesn't take much) but it sure was fun. A good romance with a few good twists as well! Buy this one! ~Sarah


This book is fabulous. The description places you right into the book. I sometimes would go look out the window after I had read, and would expect to see a swan fly by or see Topaz communing with nature. Cassandra, the narrator, is such a creative child and has a way of making the most out of any situation. What a great book!  ~Anne from Washington

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