The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
by Alexander McCall Smith

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I also thoroughly enjoyed this book and the whole series. I found the first book a number of years ago at Costco and have collected them ever since. They are clean, fun and good light reading. I like this whole series better than some of the author's other books. Happy Reading.

Can you believe these books are written by a man? I agree--they are very fun reads and worth picking up.

I agree Dani!  I am always laughing and thinking--a man is writing this!! I'm finishing up the last book tonight! Can't wait to go to bed!

I thought this book was quite boring and predictable. His philosophical books are definitely better.  ~GMB Reader

They (the books) seem predictable to me also, but in the end I realized the beauty of the book isn't the suspense at all.  ~Caryn

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