The Story of Art
by Sir E. H. Gombrich

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FHE Activity-This activity will show how important the eyes are in a work of art.  Skip the first part if your kids are too young!  

I downloaded a picture of my kid's favorite singer off the computer and held it up. This got their attention. I showed them a needle.  I then poked through the picture. First in the arm (they didn't like it, but were ok), next the leg (sighs of distress).  Then the stomach (ugh, stop!)  Finally, I poked the eyes (screams!)  This got the most horrible reaction! 

After reminding them it was only a picture, we moved onto the next part of the activity.

Have each family member draw a picture as directed.
1.  Draw a picture of a person with a mouth only.
2.  Draw another picture with a mouth and nose.
3.  Draw another with eyes only.

At what drawing is it easier to look?  Why?  Sometimes answers will not always go along with the authors ideas, but that is OK.  Supplement your discussion with thoughts from Grombrich, p. 46, sixteenth edition.

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