Developing Talents

Daddy/Daughter Kickball - For one of our activities, we held a Father/Daughter kickball. The other family members were invited along as our cheer section. The one difference that we did was that dad/daughter had to run the bases holding hands. It was fun. Everyone, including the parents asked us to do it again. We are thinking of making this an annual event.

Daddy / Daughter talent night. - This is a fun and easy activity for the leaders to put on. We just asked the dads and daughters to prepare to perform a talent for the night and to bring a treat to share with the group. Then we set up chairs as for a theater and sat back and enjoyed the show. The girls and dads seemed to have a lot of fun. We had the typical talent displays of musical instruments, dancing and singing, but we also had a dad and daughter demonstrate fly tying. They make jewelry with the flies and sell them. That was very interesting. One dad has taught his daughters to hunt and fish. The demonstrated the bow and arrow and showed us a bear skin they got when they went bear hunting. It was quite a night! - Gayle Bush

Baking - My girls have loved cooking -- However, as a leader, you have to be prepared for a huge mess!!! We have Decorated Valentine's Day Cakes (a 6- inch heart for each girl) Made Candy Christmas Trains Made Halloween Sugar Cookies and delivered them anonymously to people in the ward - Ruth Ann Brandenburg

Talent Show - Plan and hold a talent show. Perform it for your families or just for each other. Invite the primary presidency.

Writing a Story - Use THESE tips from our LDS Splash Kids Section to write a story or short play that teaches a gospel principle.

Learn how to Budget - This is a great activity to teach how to budget

Homemaking Skills - We had a homemaking rotation. We divided the girls into 3 groups. One group learned to wrap a package, the other group learned how to make a bed and the third group learned to fold clothes.

Bus Ride - We took the girls on a bus ride to a local shopping center and back. We instructed them on how to read the bus information, buy tokens, make transfers, locate stops, etc.

Hands - We did a lessons on hands - we learned some basic sign language from a video tape from the city library, and then gave ourselves a silky hand treatment. We talked about finger prints and how unique each person is.

Cake Decorating - Our girls love to do cake decorating. We baked small round cakes. Using round cake pans we only filled them up half of the suggested amount. Then we had someone come and teach the girls how to do the basics of cake decorating using a star tip and a writing tip. We used large cookie cutters to imprint a design. We had a flower, heart or star. Then the girls traced the imprint with the star tip and filled it in. They also learned to do a border around the cake. - Angela Johnson

Babysitting Relay Race -  Prior to the activity, I made up a detailed story about a girl going babysitting, and the things she encountered. I made sure to include the things that would later be required knowlede for the relay race. I had 6 different stations. The first was "household hazards", in which I set up 15 hazards around my house like open pills on counter, a spill on the floor, toys on stairs, and so on, the girls had to take turns naming the hazards they spotted to earn points. (For this, I sequestered the other girls in a bedroom so that only the ones that paid attention to the story got most of the points.) Other stations were "diaper changing" and "first aid" in which I got a plastic body baby doll, and had them change a dirty diaper (I used chocolate syrup), and earned points on how they handled the baby doll, and how clean they got it, etc. For first aid, I drew a scrape on the leg of the baby doll with a washable marker, and they had to clean and bandage it. The next leg of the relay race was "answering the phone" in which I used my cell phone, and had my sister call it and pretend she was different people. The girls earned points based on whether they took a message, etc. They lost points if they said that the parents were not home. The fifth station was to tell a story or sing a song that would entertain children. I had a bowl with stories and songs for the girls to draw one randomly, and recite the story or sing the song. They earned points if they knew it without too much prompting. They had the opportunity to draw up to 3 different ones before they started losing points for not knowing any simple stories or songs. The last station was a chance for the girls that were behind to catch up. I set up a "jeopardy" board, with questions about first aid, babysitting requirements, games to play, etc. The girls all had a great time, and I think they learned something.  - Sami Carter Fallon, NV.

Learn to Garden - I collected small containers from a thrift store and around home.  My neighbor generously gave me some “hen and chicks”, wonderful cactus-like plants. I brought potting soil and spoons to put the dirt into the containers and large black garbage bags to protect the floor. The girls had a wonderful time choosing their pots and the plants that they wanted to put into the pots. Then the girls each painted a small smooth round rock to look like a lady bug with acrylic paints. They could then place a ladybug in their pot. For a special treat, I served them dirt pie. Dirt Cake –   - Leta Paine

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