Learning and Living the Gospel


Journals - we bought cheap ($1) notebooks from a local craft store and took ribbon and twill and had the girls tie bows around the binding to make really cute journals as we talked about the importance of keeping a journal and then had each girl start by making their first entry.

Make Prayer Rugs - We made prayer rugs for an activity. I got a bunch of the free carpet samples from a store. Let the girls use craft paint to paint the word pray on their carpet. Then they painted other cute things on also. Then we had them place them by their bed so that it would help them to remember to pray. Also gave them something to kneel on. - Melissa Harris

Finding the Ten Tribes - While learning the 10th Article of Faith, I put the names of each of the ten tribes on a long, narrow piece of paper and had the girls go searching for the ten tribes in my yard. We never found Reuben, and the girls were unhappy that they were unable to bring the tribe to the "gathering". It was a good way to illustrate the scattering. - Linda

Book of Mormon Reading - Make a goal to read the entire book of Mormon. Use this printout from our teen section to keep track. Read the first chapter and color in the square. Get the girls colored pencils to color it in if possible. Get some bigger construction paper and put the chart on it, then let them decorate the frame.

Lesson on Faith - Get file folders for the group, and printout enough of THIS lesson (from out FHE Lessons page) for everyone. Spend the activity cutting out and talking about the lesson so they will be ready to teach it to there family. Discuss what song and thought would be appropriate as well. (This lesson does have a little part on the sacrament so that can be discussed during your lesson as well in order to fulfill one of the requirements.)

Following the Prophet - Use THIS printout to discuss what we can do to follow the prophet.

Word of Wisdom Lesson - Find the Word of Wisdom lesson on our Family Home Evening Lessons page. Let each person prepare a lesson so they can teach it to their family for Family Night.

Family History - Use these printouts to make a book for each person (print out one for each person unless otherwise stated). Fill out each page. Page One (put the correct name in each circle). Info about Me, Info About Mom, Info about Dad, Info About Grandma (printout 2 per person), Info about Grandpa (print out two per person), Info About my Great-Grandma (print out 4 per person), info about my Great-Grandpa (print out 4 per person). Place a picture on the side  of each info page if available.

Choose the Right - Teach and memorize the words to Choose the right! You can printout THESE words to use.

The First Vision - Use the First Vision Lesson on our Family Home Evening Lessons page. Cut them out, put the diorama together and prepare whatever you might need to get the lesson ready for them to teach to their families during family night.


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