Other Ideas For Activity Days

All About me (and more) Binder - We bought 1/2 inch notebooks a and clear pages. On colored paper we designed a cover, and inside we put a page for the booklet, the Articles of Faith, a Testimony page, an "all about me" page, a life story page, a goal sheet, and a calendar to mark off the days you accomplished what goal it was. This notebook will hold assignments, notes, photos, and other things. The girls are taking them with them to Young Women's. The night they got their notebooks, we had a lesson on goal setting.  - Lynn and Vicki

Keeping Healthy - We took the girls to a local work out center. We took a tour and had the lady talk to them about eating the right kinds of food. She then talked to them about the different exercises that they could do. Also about the importance of drinking water and getting enough sleep. I bought the girls each a cheap water bottle. I printed off some info on this and rolled it up and put it inside the water bottle. That was for them to take home and share the info with their family. - Melissa Harris

Lip Gloss - We had a lip gloss making activity. I got the lip gloss kit from a craft store. We made the lip gloss and while it was setting up I gave them a copy of this poem. We read it together and talked about trying to speak kindly to one another. - Melissa Harris
I have this pot of lip gloss, I'll put some on each day.
I do it to remind me To Choose the words I say.
I'll try to speak with Kindness to everyone I meet.
I'll try to spread some happiness to those that I may greet.
This pot of gloss reminds me of the values I hold dear,
The color are so Cheerful and the message is so clear.
If I want to live the gospel I'll choose each word I say
I'll speak in just the kindest words and I won't forget to pray!

Daddy Daughter Night Disco -  Everyone is invited to dress in 70's clothes. We had lights and 70's music to set the atmosphere. The Hustle was taught and Stayin' Alive. After we had white and dark chocolate fondue. Each girl had their picture taken with their father (or guest). The Dad's loved it as much as the girls  - Hollie, Syracuse

Dad and Daughter Halloween Party - We had the girls and their dads dress up as pairs (cowboy/cowgirl, one Dad had two daughters and they came as the 2 Amigos). While gathering we gave halloween jokes to everyone, but only half of the joke - either the question or the answer. They would then go find the other half of their joke. They were all spooky themed jokes (got them on Deseret Book website). We had each girl and her Dad finish a scary story we had given them putting their own humorous ending on it and sharing it. This was assigned the activity day before the party. We also played toss the candy corn into the plastic pumpkin. Each girl was her Dad's partner. She threw - he tried to catch the candy corn. We had dinner between the gathering and the other games, took pictures of the girls and Dads in their costumes. Fun evening! - Linda

Modesty - When discussing modesty with the girls, I used a large bulletin-type board with stick pins. Across the top I had the word "modest" on one side and "immodest" on the other. Each girl was given an envelope with several pictures of women or girls in various types of outfits taken from the ad specials from the newspaper. They were to take each one and put it into a category of "modest" or "immodest" and describe why they categorized it in that way. It was very interesting when they were asked questions like "what if she bends over?" when thinking that something may be modest enough - and many answers were changed. Quite a discussion ensued both between the girls and their leader and among the girls. One thing that came out was that their bodies would be changing, and modest styles more difficult to find. A real eye opener! - Linda

Combined Activity - Occasionally, our Activity Day girls combine with the Cub Scouts. The pinewood derby is a great activity to combine with the Cubs. - Rachel

Powderpuff Derby (a pinewood derby for girls) - The girls each make and decorate their car. They are rewarded on the look and creativity of the car, although everyone get a reward. They learn how to make something out of a block of wood and paint it. You can make a whole night of it, just like the scouts pinewood derby.

Family Proclamation - On page 12 of the Faith in God Booklet, it says to talk with the Beehive class presidency or a member of the Young Women presidency about the purpose and importance of the Young Woman program. At the time that I wanted to work on this requirement, our ward didn't have a Beehive class presidency, so I invited the YW president to come talk to the girls about YW. She invited a Laurel and a Mia Maid to come with her and talk to the girls a little bit. They could only stay for about fifteen minutes, so after they left we used the rest of the time to work on the requirement that says to "read 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World.' and make a list of things you can do to help strengthen your family and make a happy home." I passed out a copy of the Proclamation to each girl, then we took turns reading and discussing it, then we made a list like the requirement calls for. Then I passed out card stock, and different craft items (glue, buttons, ribbons, macaroni, glitter, etc.) so the girls could mount and decorate their proclamation to hang on their bedroom wall.- Gayle Bush


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