Preparing for Young Women/Priesthood

Family Proclamation Activity - In the Faith in God Booklet, under "Preparing for YW", one of the requirements is to read "The Family, A Proclamation to the World", and discuss the meaning and importance of it. For an activity day we did this, then we gave a proclamation to each girl and let her mount it on card stock, and decorate it with buttons, macaroni, lace, or any other kind of decorations so that she could take it home and put it on her wall. - Gayle Bush

YW Prep - We invited the girls that were turning 12 during the year. We talked about all the requirements for preparing for Young Women. We reviewed the 13th Article of Faith together and made a list of virtuous things. We had a discussion on how to seek after these things. We read D&C 88:77Ė80, 118 and D&C 130:19 together and discussed these scriptures and how to implement them in our homes and lives. We had one member of the Young Women's Presidency come and talk to the girls about Young Women's. We handed out the Proclamation on the Family and encouraged the girls to read it and write about what it means to them. We gave them worksheets to write about this and about what it means to stand for truth and righteousness. We served extra nice refreshments. We had a follow-up activity day two weeks later to discuss what they had done. This enabled us to help clear up any questions they had about Young Women's without having to be with the older girls during New Beginnings. The two activities together seemed to really prepare these girls for the advancement. - Stephanie Dowd

Attend YW - In the past, to pass off one of the requirements in the "Preparing for YW" section of the Faith in God Booklet, we have invited the Beehive President and the YW President to attend activity Days to tell the girls about YW and the things they will be learning there. This year, however, the YW President and the Beehive Teacher invited the girls to attend one night at YW to learn basically the same things they learned when the YW president attended activity days. The girls were really excited to get to go to YW.

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