Paco's Restaurant

Printout 1 (enough for each person attending the dinner) , Printout 2 (enough for the waitresses),
Everything under the "Secret code" section of printout 2
Nice tables and decorations

Have the girls/boys make an invitation, something like : Come to Paco's Restaurant far a delicious dinner, date, time, place, etc

This is a fun way to have a meal.

Have only plates and bowls at the table.  Use the menu from printout 1. For each course, they only get to order 3 things.

Begin the first course. Have them order there three things. (if a bowl or plate is required for the food ordered, have the "waitress" take it with them to the kitchen so they can serve their food on it).  Have the "Waitresses look over the code and learn it the best they can ahead of time.  Make sure they stick to the code! that way, people at the table can start figuring out what to order for the things they need by asking other people what they ordered.

Wait a few minutes before starting the next course. It may be a while before anyone gets to eat, but some will be able to depending on what they order. But eventually everyone will be able to eat!