Serving Others

Service Coupons - To complete the "Service Project" requirement, I had the girls make Service Coupons for their friends and family. I had pre-cut cardstock, stickers and markers available for the girls when they got to my house, so all they had to do was thinking of service jobs and decorate each coupon. A few examples were "Help get my brothers and sisters get ready for church", which the girl gave to her mom. Or, "Walk to Dog" to give to her dad. It was a very successful activity. - Emily Clark

Valentines Restaurant - We planned a nutrition meal and the girls invited their parents, and the primary presidency, as guests, it was Valentines so we decorated the place with hearts, and made it look like a restaurant. the girls also wrote letter of love to their parents. They prepared and served the meal, it was so much fun, the girls were very excited. They also made themselves aprons to wear that night. The parents all commented how much they appreciated the night.  - Colleen Barton

Thanks you Bishop! - Our Girls made a Candy Bar poster for the Bishop in our ward to let him know that we appreciate his hard work. It Read: Dear Bishop, May this letter make you SNICKER as you read our message. We want you to know that we are not playing TWIX on you. We think you are EXTRA special. You are the RIESEN our ward is so GOOD and PLENTY, we wish we could give you 100 GRAND for all of your hard work. When someone is in a CRUNCH you are always there to help. WE appreciate all that you do love the 3 MUSKETEERS. P.S. Don't eat this candy all at once, we don't want you to ROLO ver and get sick. We did this activity around Valentines day, we also cut out paper hearts and wrote kind messages to the bishop as well. We placed the candy bar poster and the hearts on the Bishops door.

Thank You Letter - Print out these pages and let the boys/girls choose one or two so they can write thank you notes and let their teacher, parents and grandparents know how much they are appreciated. Teacher 1, Teacher 2, Teacher 3, Parent 1, Parent 2, Parent 3, Grandparent 1, Grandparent 2, Grandparent 3

Entertain Young Children - Here are a few places in our website that will help the girls/boys get ideas for entertaining young children. (Many of the table games are printable, so you can print them out and put them together for your activity). Table Games, Splash Tag, Fun with Paper

Good Manners - A fun activity for the girls is to have a "Tea Party". (you can call it something else if you like).  If possible ask someone, maybe and older lady in the ward, to host the party. Have the girls wear dresses and if possible buy them some inexpensive gloves and hats. During the meal (serve some cool aid in tea cups and light sandwiches) teach them about good manners.

Planning a Meal - Plan a fun  mystery meal for family or missionaries or the bishopric and their  families. - Caryn Stapp

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