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Certification Ideas

Survivor - Last year we did Survivor, "Outlast, outsmart, outshine". We had a lot of fun with this theme. To make certification more fun, we taught things in the morning, then in the afternoon we had "Immunity Challenges." We timed them with stop watches and each level had to do something that pertained to their certification taught that day. We had huge success with this, the girls are begging us to do it again this year. Also, we had the greatest song to go along with this theme. It is from EFY, "A More Excellent Way." The girls loved this because it is up beat. We as stake leaders made up a ribbon dance (playing off of Day of Celebration) to the song and performed it. It was fantastic. - Karen W.

Each One Teach One - A fun activity to do on a hike.

First Aid Hike - We have a real first aid hike. Every group is assigned a real, (made up) person that they have to save. Use sausage ketchup, make-up or whatever you need to look like real injured campers. To pass off two things at once, have them find there person with their compass.

Licorice Knots - I was a first year certification leader last year. After teaching the first years how to make different kinds of knots, with rope (I made sure they knew how to do them), I gave them the long silly licorice to try it on, for fun. It made the task a little bit more fun, and whole lot more delicious!! - Lynnette Schetselaar


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