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Door Mats -
One year at camp our leaders got a hold of a bunch of carpet samples. The ones that are the size of a door mat. We got paint and stencils and we decorated the mats. I kept mat until it started falling apart. I took it to college and everything. It was a great craft.

Water bottles - One of the things we did to make sure the girls drank plenty of water was to make lanyards for water bottles. Using grograin ribbon, 1 inch wide, cut a length long enough to go over the shoulder. We found if you just wear it around the neck, the water bottle gets to heavy. Make sure you add 3 inches to sew on the rubber gasket. Before camp we let the girls decorate their lanyards with fabric paint and then sew a 1 inch thin rubber gasket to each end. The gasket is just the right size to fit over a water bottle. We found the best bottle to use are the ones with a flip style cap as apposed to a twist top. This a great way to keep the girls hydrated. - Terrie Nielsen

Easy Tie-Dye - This year at girls camp the craft that was the biggest hit was tie-dye, but instead of using the regular tie-dye we used permanent ink pens. You just take what your item you want to tie-dye and rubber band it then use the permanent ink pens and color as much or as little as you want and then use 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water and spray the solution on the item you have prepared with rubber bands. Let it sit for about 15-20 min then remove the rubber bands and let it air dry. You have to put it through the dryer first before you can wash it, drying it sets the ink. The girls couldn't get enough of this craft and it was a plus for the leaders because they didn't have the huge mess that tie-dye usually makes. We did find that using more of the rubbing alcohol did make the colors run more, some colors run better than others.

Canvas Totes - Every year at my camp we had bags we decorated, we got a bunch of blank canvas totes and decorated them with puff paint. I have on from every year and they're great for church bags - Morgan

Temples - One year at girls camp we mad little temples out of wood blocks and painted them - Savanna first year YCL

Tin Can Lanterns -  These are absolutely superb around the campfire, we used them for testimony meeting and our theme was Shine On! Use a clean tin can. Fill 3/4 with water and place in freezer until frozen. Use a small hammer and long nails and punch holes in your own design. Some girls did names, other just patterns, not too complicated! Make a hole in either side at the top edge, so that a handle can be put on. Rinse under warm water to remove ice, dry thoroughly, be careful the inside of the can will be fairly sharp. When dry, spray with paint- we used the YW colors! When spraying we place a plastic bag over our hand and put our hand inside the can. Spray lightly, otherwise it will run. Leave to dry, once it is dry, cut a piece of wire about 8" long and twist around a pencil leaving an inch at either side. Attach to the tin using the holes and thread from the outside in and twist to stop the wire coming out. Gently tease the wire open to make a handle. Add a tea light and voila! - Alison Caughey

Hand dipped candles - Mary Cubit

Quilt - Have a quilt on a frame at camp. Every time someone ties the quilt for ten minutes, they get to put their name in the drawing. At  the last night at campfire pick out of the box and award the quilt to one of the girls. If they quilt more, they have a better chance to win. Quilt two quilts if you want to do one as a service project. When we did this project, we had the quilt all finished (edges and all) before we tied it, so we could give it away at camp.

Trivets- These trivets are easy and useful. Use plaster aparis, a block of wood and some tile to decorate your own.

Camp Picture Books - find inexpensive picture albums for the girls to decorate and put their camp pictures in.

Scrapbooking - take pictured of the girls during the week, or bring a Polaroid type camera that they can use to take pictures and then let them put them in small scrapbooks

Mosaics - One of my Youth Leaders came up with this idea. She took ordinary logs about 5 in. across and cut cross-sections about 1 in. thick. She gathered camp/outdoor craft items from the craft store, i.e. metal moose, canoe buttons, velvet teddy bears. As a compass hike she placed various treasures (our theme was Miner's and seeking first the kingdom of God) all over the camp on up the trails. She talked about various treasures and had the girls gather things to make a mosaic on the wood circle. They turned out beautiful. - Becca

Memory Boards - We made Memory Boards for our craft at camp this year. We used foam board for the backing and provided the brads, batting and ribbon. We asked the girls to bring 3/4 yard of material that they wanted to use. The girls loved it! My daughter came home from camp and made 3 more for friends and birthday gifts. - Mistie R. Mesa Arizona Skyline Stake Stake Girl's Camp Director


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