Each one Teach one

This activity gives each person a chance to teach each other.

Make up cards on a certain topic, about trees or nature or spiritual topics. Each card should be about a paragraph long. (There should be enough cards so each girl gets one)

Number the cards starting with one.

When you get on the trail have a leader take the cards and one girl to a secluded spot. Have the leader read card number one to her.

Have another girl come up (girl two). Have girl one read the card,(card one, that the leader just read to her) to girl two.

Then, have the leader take girl two to a secluded spot and read her card two, while girl three is going to girl one.

Then girl three goes to girl two, while girl four is going to girl one.

It continues on, the leader taking each new girl to a new spot and teaching her the next card card. When girl one has taught her card to everyone, she goes to girl two, after she has heard girl two, they both got to girl three. etc. until everyone has taught and been taught.

Have Fun!