Have half the girls sing this with the other half repeating each line. (Make sure to repeat each section with everybody)

The cutest boy,
I ever saw,
was sippiní ci-
der through a straw,

I asked him if,
he'd show me how,
To sip that ci-
der through a straw.

He said of course,
He'd show me how,
to sip that ci-
der through a straw.

First cheek to cheek,
then jaw to jaw,
we sipped that ci-
der through that straw,

Then all at once,
that darn thing slipped,
And we were sip-
ping lip to lip

That's how I got
my mother -in- law,
And 49 kids
that call me ma.

The moral of,
this story is
donít sip that, ci-
der through a straw!

sip root beer!