LDS Girls Camp
Skit Ideas

Value Skits - We gave each cabin a Young Woman value and used that value color to fill their bags with stuff.  For example the cabin who had Faith would have a bag full of white stuff they would have to use in their skit, cotton balls, paper, etc. They also had to say the word "Faith" somewhere in their skit.

Ongoing Skit - We have an ongoing skit every year, a skit that continues every night and concludes the last night. This year we are doing one called "Girl Meats World" and Last year it was "For the Strength of Youth Man"  - Caryn Stapp

Johnny Lingo - We did a Johnny Lingo skit but instead of a 10 cow woman, we had a seven VALUE woman.

Corny One Liners:
A girl picks up a ringing telephone:
"You don't don't don't say"
Second girl: "Who was that?"
First girl: "I don't know, they didn't say

1:What are you doing?
2:Spraying elephant repellant
1:There are no elephants around (name the camp)
2:Well Then the repellant is working pretty good!

That Night Skit -  Have the older girls act out what they did on there over night hike or and embarrassing moment and act it out for the new comers would be more comfortable around there surrounding. - Alicia

Skit in a Bag - Put a few small items and a riddle in a paper bag and give it to each cabin or whatever and give them and hour and thirty minutes or so (do this the first day of camp) to come up with a skit to do for every one. Example: My first year, we had a bottle of water, a remote control, and a songbook and a riddle about Sleeping Beauty. We did one where my friend, Raechel was a girl staying up too late watching TV and her mom tells her to go to bed. Finally she does and when it is time to get up and go to church, she is too tired and two girls come running in singing "Saturday is a special day" really loud and finally the mom comes in and says "you asked for it" and dumps the bottled water all over her. It was a hot day so it felt good to get splashed. - Ariel Brandli

Skit in a Bag 2 - At camp we do this thing called "skit in a bag" From each ward, every girl brings an item. When at camp, the wards switch bags. We then make up a skit that has to do with those items and share our skit with the stake. It is a very fun thing to do and one of my favorite things about camp! - Alli,  Idaho Falls North Stake


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