LDS Girls Camp

The Abundant Life: Pure & Simple - Our theme this year will be centered around the idea of the harvest, with focus on planting, cultivating and harvesting. Each ward will be a farm with signs to put up in each tent site. The objective is to get back to the basics of righteous living, reaping what one sows. Along with basic certification we will be teaching basic sewing, having a quilt show (each ward will be bringing at least one quilt they have made prior to camp and these quilts will be donated) basics of scripture study, etc. Patricia Lemmon

A Pearl of Great Price -  Each ward will choose a "gem" to represent their camp. The stake are pearls and will wear white shirts, etc. The focus is to teach each yw that they are a pearl of great price and to empower them with self worth and knowledge. - Kristina Reisner

Mission Impossible (with the "im" crossed out) - complete with sun glasses, black clothes, secret missions, "kidnappings", etc...- Natalie

Can You Imagine (taken from ALMA 5:16). -  It was posed as something to ponder as opposed to a question. We had the young women "imagine" their worth as a beloved daughter of God, they are preparing to go to the temple, becoming a mother, perhaps serving a mission, and enduring to the end . Our camp units were imaginary places and it really was a fun theme. Some of our imaginary places were---Where the Wild Things Are, Candy Land, the Secret Garden, and the stake leaders were in the Care Bears Carealot. There were many other imaginary places that were very creative and fun. - Liz Carlson

Noah's Ark. -  Every ward is a different value color and animal. For example; Orange Orangutans, Red Rhinos etc. Our stake had a Giant Ark with balloons as the rainbow. We had ark partners from other wards. This helped getting to know other members of our stake. The stake served animal snacks such as teddy grahams, fish crackers whatever you can think of. We focused on working together and being prepared. (This was not my idea, but it was so much fun.) - Tara B.

S.T.A.R. - Stand for Truth And Righteousness. It was lots of fun, and easy to decorate for! Good luck! Ashley

Disneyland Theme - Each year was a different part of Disneyland... the 4th years (adventurers) were adventure land, third years were tomorrow land, second years were toon town, and first years were fantasy land. Even our priesthood participated... they were frontier land. Each group chose their group name based on something from that part of Disneyland. there is a great Disney outlet store here, so we got lots of cool Disney stuff really cheap. We tied the yearly YW theme of "let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly" with the fact that most all Disney movies are g-rated. so we made a g-rating logo for the back of the t-shirts that said "Appearance and behavior suitable for all audiences. Contains virtuous, confident, intelligent, happy, and divine young woman . D&C 121 :45". the girls and staff loved it. We even had some girls dress in character costumes for the other girls to take pictures with. We talked a lot about media influences and how to live a g-rated life. It was a lot of fun. - Rinda Sonnefeld

Anchored in Faith - Each ward had a water theme like one ward was spongebob another ward was nemo.. But not all of them had to be movies. our ward was fishers of men:D... we talked about how anchors and faith went hand in hand it was fun yet really a spiritual camp.- Kylie

F.R.O.G. - Forever Rely On God Our theme was on having the faith to rely on god, by reading scriptures, prayer etc

Songs of the Heart - In my stake one year we did songs of the heart and each unit had their own song. For example my unit chose fun, fun, fun by the beach boys. We decorated our camp with beach stuff. Another unit did mission impossible, and they decorated their camp acordingly. - Kimber, Bothell stake, Washington

Bee your own type of beautiful - Michaela

I Want to be a Missionary Now - Each ward will get a mission call to a country that someone from our Stake is from. They will use that person/persons to learn more about that country before camp. They will decorate their tents and area to fit their country. They will have country flags. The morning of camp we will have a MTC Orientation at the Stake Center with the parents and YW. We will sing "Called to Serve", have a speaker and then have the parents leave out one door while our YW go out the other with their sleeping bags and luggage. Then we will proceed to our Camp. We will give each YW a missionary name badge. One night we will have a potluck night and all the wards will make food from their countries. We haven't figured out the themes for each day yet, but one day will be a Prep Day, one day like being in the mission field, and one day how we can be a missionary at home. We will use the medley song "We'll Bring the World His Truth/ As Sisters in Zion" for our bishopric/Stake Presidency evening. We felt that this fit the theme for 2009 very well!! "Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12 For our camp service project we had a few different things in mind. So I am not sure which one we will do yet. Either write testimonies in Books of Mormon, do humanitarian projects from DI, write letters to those serving missions in our Stake, or something else. If anyone has any ideas they would like to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Alos if you want more info from me, I can give you that too.- Jolene Mortensen

Daughter of a King - We were all princesses through out girls camp and each group was a different country - Carly

Joy in the Journey - This year we are doing a theme ' called 'Joy in the Journey' from the song that we sung at the day of celebration. My ward has had a very difficult time with a tragic passing of a young man in our ward and have kind of lost sight that our World is not all that bad. Some of the activities that we are doing are, An Alma the Younger walk. It is kinds of like a faith walk but focused on the Atonement. It will be early in the morning just as the sun is starting to come up representing have the light of Christ come in to our lives through repentance. And then through out the walk have different quotes that start with why we need the savior, what He has done for us, and then the joy that we will have if we come back to Him. As well as an activity showing how short our time is on the earth. What we will do is get a long string and tie a SMALL knot some where on the string then tie the string between two trees and then have the girls find the knot. The knot representing our life on this earth and the string representing eternity. Well I hope this helps! - Kim

MASH - Modern Army Serving Heaven. The theme was based on mash the show so everyone wore army clothing and tan t-shirts and it was based on growing closer to our heavenly father

Polynesian - We made our camp "Camp Wanahakalugi" with a sign and different Hawaiian decorations. For the extravaganza we had 4 foot surf boards cut and they painted them anyway they wanted using the theme "arise and shine forth". We had a show where they walked with their surfboard in front of everyone and then votes were taken for "the cutest" "the most creative" ect. and gave out awards (shell necklaces). They used their surfboards as decorations in their rooms after camp. - Julianne

H.O.T.T. Rod - Last year we did Camp H.O.T.T. Rod (It stands for Hold onto the Rod). We used the theme music (and other ideas) from the Disney movie...Cars. Our 6th years were the Monster Trucks, 5th years were Hummers, 4th years were Jeeps, 3rd years were Mustangs, 2nd years were VW Beetles, and the 1st years were Mini Coopers. - Monica

The Olympics - each year/ward can choose a different country to be and you can build off of this. We are having the "Opening Ceremony" the first night of Girls' Camp, just like in the Olympics.

Treasure Seeker - Our Theme this year is "Treasure Seeker". We have revamped pirate songs and plan to teach the girls how to search for eternal treasures. - Allie

Be Your OWN Beautiful, Walking Tall as a Daughter of God - Wanted to share our camp theme this year as it has been ALOT of fun already and we haven't even gotten to camp. Our theme is Be Your OWN Beautiful, Walking Tall as a Daughter of God. It is compiled from two sources, the Mormon Ad Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful and the song Walk Tall You're a Daughter of God. Each ward is a different flower and everything at camp will be flower themed. (This is taking from the roses and daisy from the Mormon ad). So many thoughts have come pouring in. There are many different spiritual analogies that can be used when talking about flowers. - Jaci

Faith Factor - Different Activities to do with faith!  - Em

How the West was ONE - This year we have chosen "How the West was ONE" for our stake theme. Western theme of course, with an emphasis on how virtuous living creates unity and love in our wards and stake. Each ward has a different color of bandana to wear for the week.

Young Women Under Construction: Building the Kingdom of God One Testimony at a Time! -  Each day we work on building something - first day with just the YCL's is building leadership. Relationships, confidence & testimonies!

R.S.V.P.- This was the theme my 2nd year as a YCL it stands for Return to the Savior Valiant and Pure. It was a party/celebration theme. - Brittany

Wizard of Oz - There's no place like home. (Home/Heavenly Home/Temple) Dorothy- Faith -She had the power all along to go home, but she had to discover it for herself. Scarecrow - Education/Intelligence Tin Man - Heart - Charity - Service Lion - Courage - tough, but right choices Emerald City - Temple - Be your best inside and out Each day could be a theme in itself. The possibilities are numerous. Each cabin a different theme. Glenda's, Flying Monkeys, Tornado (face it, they all look like a tornado hit them) Poppy field, Emerald City, Farmhouse, Munchkin land, cornfield etc. We had mailboxes that the ycls made to go with their cabin theme that were very cute and creative. You can focus on one character per day. - Patrice Smith

S.M.I.L.E. - Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal. - J Gunn Rockford Illinois Stake

Hawaiian Theme

Stars - Our theme this year is STARS... Standing Together As Righteous Sisters Each ward is going to pick a star, or galaxy, or constellation to be. It's going to be really cute! - Tara Huhmann

B.O.O.T Camp (Building Our Own Testimonies)- WE worked on our testimonies all week, and talked about the gospel.

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Each group chose a different story that they liked (Cinderella, Little Red Riding hood, etc) The Stake leaders were star wars and the 5th years were Fairy God mothers. We had a devotional where they told us how to use our journals to write down our stories.- Stephanie

Once Upon A Time - each day we added something to the end of Once Upon a Time. . . Like "Once Upon A Time. . . Princess in training". By the end of the week it was "Once Upon A Time. . . A Daughter of A King. our ultimate goal was to focus on the fact that we are all Daughters of our Heavenly Father and that one day we will be married in the temple and will begin our eternal road, on the way to our Father.

Home Run to Heaven: We're on the Lord's side -  The different units are different types of sports, with the stake girls as referees and the stake adults as cheerleaders. - Christine

Arise and Shine, It's Fishing Time - On the first day of camp, we handed out fly-fishing hats that said the theme (Arise & Shine It's Fishing Time) When a girl would do something like helping the cooks ( Service) They would get flies to put on their hats. For crafts the girls could make shrinky-dinks with patterns of fishes and frogs. If they climbed to the top of the Rock Wall, they would get fishing line tied around a safety pin, bobbles, and fake bugs. It was great. Even now, I see the girls wearing their hats occasionally. - Meghan Reiche

Rise to the Occasion Just Like....(Ammon, Nephi, Captain Moroni) -  Put your favorite Book of Mormon hero. Each unit will be decorated for the units favorite hero. I like this idea because it is so broad and we can have a lot of fun with it goes with the youth theme this year Arise and shine forth. - Mckoye

On the Lord's team- Each group represents a different sporting team with their own unique names

Decades (Our Love For Christ Will Withstand the Test of Time) -  Hey guys!! Just wanted to share a real cool idea for a camp theme..well, I'm the YCL president this year for my Stake. Much planning is still going on, but we've come to the conclusion of our theme for this year. It is: DECADES "Our Love For Christ WILL withstand the Test of Time". It will be awesome. All the different levels will be divided into different decades...(50's, 60's, 70's,80's etc...) we are sooo excited. I know, that with the Lords help, this will be a major success, and a tremendous testimony builder. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! - Brittany

Heroes of Our Heritage
- Our theme this year was "Heroes of Our Heritage" We centered our camp around the early beginnings of the restoration and movement westward. We called our camp "Summer Quarters". Each cabin was named after a profession of the day (i.e. candlemakers, blacksmith, wheelwrights) We used some great old quilts to decorate our lodge and dried old flower for center-pieces. At crafts the girls learned to make rope, dip candles, quilt etc. Everybody brought bonnets and dresses. We included pioneer music into our campfire program. We also did a guess what hero this is with a "Blast From the Past" guessing game.  Click HERE for the logo that we used - Caryn Stapp

Survivor: Outlast, Outsmart and Outshine - Last year we did Survivor, Outlast, outsmart, outshine. We had a lot of fun with this theme. To make certification more fun, we taught things in the morning, then in the afternoon we had "Immunity Challenges." We timed them with stop watches and each level had to do something that pertained to their certification taught that day. We had huge success with this, the girls are begging us to do it again this year. Also, we had the greatest song to go along with this theme. It is from EFY, "A More Excellent Way." The girls loved this because it is up beat. We as stake leaders made up a ribbon dance (playing off of Day of Celebration) to the song and performed it. It was fantastic. - Karen W.

Search and Rescue - Answer the call, millions are waiting, some are waiting for you.- Vic

Out of Darkness and into the Light - We had all the cabins be planets (of course the priesthood were aliens)

A Whole New World - Have every cabin be a country. Pick ones that have temples so you can use that during the week, Serve ethnic foods

America, the promise Land - have each cabin be a state.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Have every cabin be a different Dr. Seuss book.

Ohana: No One Left Behind, No One Forgotten (from Lilo and Stitch) - Have every cabin be a different Disney character.

Boot Camp - Everyone received a dog tag style necklace at the beginning of the week and collected stuff to put on them.

YW Theme - Have each unit represent a YW theme. If you need them quick just call the value! Have them wear their color and do a small lesson on their value. - Esme Wheeler

Survivor - For our camp this year our theme was "Survivor" and each ward had to come up with a silly survivor name (Ya-ya sisters, The supa-upa's, etc) and a song to their ward's name. After camp everyone had agreed that it was a fun and good theme for the year (We got poured on and most of the wards went home) and so we agreed, we had survived girls camp. - Hannah, 13

Holidays - We did our ward camp last year around all the holidays. Each day we had several different holidays. We had a birthday party the first day when they arrived complete with cup cakes and games and a little gift. We had Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving (testimony night) Halloween. They were all about how they tie into the gospel. Our camp theme was Happy Everything. It was great fun!!!

MASH Camp (More Active Spiritual Homes) -  We did an army theme, dyed t-shirts army green and had them folded and ready when the recruits joined us. The camp invites were mailed to them, as orders to report for active duty, dog tags were issued, the YW pres was the general, camp director the colonel, jr leaders were captains, etc. A recording of a fire engine played at 2:30 a.m. made a great air raid, and the recruits were pulled out of bed and taken to a meadow where they had to pick up dollar mints that were scattered there by the leaders, and put them into buckets their jr leader had. At the end of camp a necklace was given to each girl, value colored beads for each camp certification, and a wooden heart painted purple with the camp theme on it.

In Tune - Each ward (or cabin) chose a musical (7 brides for 7 brothers, The King and I, etc.) Their skits, cheers, and crafts centered on their musical. Devotionals were about being in tune with the Holy Ghost. Let the Holy Spirit guide.

A Marvelous Work - Since this is the 200th anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith's birthday, our Girls Camp theme is "A Marvelous Work." We are using pearls as a sub-theme, with a luau for bishop's night. Hopefully, it will be a real testimony-building experience for the girls.

Super Hero's - I'm a YCL (youth camp leader) in my stake and our camp for this year is "Super Hero's from the Scriptures and Latter Days." Each Ward is coming up with a name (ex. Cochran Ward-Cochranites...)They can also come up with own crest (like superman's) and with their own flag (title of liberty.) We are also using the songs "Go the Distance" by Michael Bolton and the church song "Never A Better Hero." Our scripture is Alma 53:20-21 (I think) We are all really excited. We are going to learn about not only our male hero's but also about Ruth, Ester, Sis. Hinkley...and so on. We are also going to be talking about powers, and our powers and the power of the Priesthood. We have a lot planned and this is just a little bit of it. You can add your own ideas. I can't wait to see how it goes. - Kimberly

Space Spirtual Princess Achieving Celestial Exaltation - have each year be a different planet  - Ashley, Roslyn and Sariah 16

Daughter's of a King - Each cabin is a princess because we are all princesses of our Heavenly Father (our king)

It's a Jungle Out There - Every unit is an animal, we're the monkeys. - Sarah

Picking a camp theme is the most important part of planning camp because it sets the stage for everything else that goes along with planning camp. Here are a few ideas for camp themes that have worked very well for our Stake! "Reach for the Stars" The Stake camp was Star command (from Buzz Light year) all the other units were named using the "star theme" such as Super Stars, and they used a sports theme to decorate their camp and so on. We talked about setting goals and reaching for the stars! Another theme we used was "Way to be" We used President Hinckley's B's and each unit was assigned a value color for their camp T-shirt. That year our camp necklaces centerpiece was a large bee. It worked out really cute! Another year our theme was "I wanna be...just like me!" We talked alot about individual worth that year and our centerpiece for our camp necklace was a heart with a mirror in the middle. This year our theme is "B.U.G.S" Which stands for Beautiful, Unified, Grateful, Sisters. Each unit picked a bug, The Stake is Dragonflys, we have grasshoppers, honey bees, fireflys,and butterflies. Our necklace is a large rubber bug glued to a piece of wood with a leaf on it. Our t-shirts have each of the bugs from each unit on them. We also used the theme "O-hana" which means family. We decorated using the Hawaiian theme and each unit was named something Hawaiian, like Surfer Girls and so on. We decorated with tiki torches and surf boards and everyone wore leis. Our center piece for our camp necklace was a large red heart meaning love which stands for family in Hawaiian. We even named our lodge where we eat the Hula Hut Grill and decorated it with fringe from paper grocery sacks and white X-mas lights! We had some real hawaiian entertainment for our Bishops night and I taught the girls the Lilo and Stitch "Hawaiian roller coaster ride" dance. We had so much fun with that theme. Have fun! - LeAnn Garcia

Be Loyal to the Royal Within  - This was our camp theme. Every ward had a princess assigned to them, and each princess came with a value. Throughout camp we did things that related to the value, and the wards decorated their areas in the colors and style of their princess. We used Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Fiona, Dot (Bug's Life), Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine. The girls learned about their royal beginning in heaven, and how important it is to live up to it. - Miranda Nielsen

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission - We sent each ward on a mission (mission call and all) to a foreign country. They had to memorize D&C section 4 before camp. They also had to learn "I am Child of God" in their countries language. We tried to focus our activities on missionary work, divine mission in life, and focused on the 2005 YW/YM theme of "Marvelous Work and Wonder" so we talked about Joseph Smith, Jr. I felt the girls left camp with a better understanding of what their mission in life really is and we strengthened some testimonies. - Mistie R. (Mesa Arizona Skyline Stake Stake Girl's Camp Director)

University Of Eternity -  I love this theme! - Danielle Jensen Hazel Del Ward Vancouver West stake Vancouver Wa.

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