Missionary Night

Send the girls a pretend mission call and have them report to the MTC on the day of the activity.

Put together these missionary handbooks Printout 1 (the cover) Printout 2 (paste one of each of these on the insides of the cover)

Prepare these stations: (make sure there is someone at each station or someone taking the girls around, by splitting them into groups)
Ironing: set up an ironing board and an iron, get some wrinkled shirts. Make sure you keep the iron on low.

Sewing: Get a piece of fabric, some buttons and thread and scissors. Teach the girls how to so on a button

Memorizing: Pick a short missionary scripture for the girls to memorize.

Door to door - Have someone in a room and answer the door and pretend like a stranger. Have the investigator wait and see what the girls say. then have the investigator ask questions about prophets.

Teach a discussion - get a small section of the missionary discussions for the girls to pretend to teach an investigator. Make sure the investigator asks lots of questions.

Once the girls arrive:
Assign them companions by drawing them out of a hat, or some other way.

Give them the missionary handbooks and send them on there missions.

As they complete each task have the advisor check it off for them.