To this chart you will need:
A piece of wood for the background
Enough hearts for all your family members (can be found at craft stores)
Heavy wire
White and red paint
A black permanent marker
Decoration (buttons, bows, whatever you like)
Small nails or push pins (enough for the amount of members of you family.

Drill two hole in each of the hearts and two in the bigger piece of wood.

Paint the board white and the hearts red
Twist one big piece of wire and a bunch of small pieces, using a pencil (see picture).
Once paint is dry, write names of family members on board, and name of duties (music, lesson, scripture, game, snack, prayer, etc) on hearts. Put any other dots or dashes you would like in order to decorate.
Place wire through holes.
Put push pins or small nails below family names in order to hang hearts.

(Contributed by Rachelle Anderson)