Forgive and Forget

Printout 1 - Printout 14 of these (or cut out 14 circles about the same size out of constructions paper)
Printout 2 - One of these (cut out)
Printout 3 - One of these (cut out)
Printout 4 - One of these (cut out all the cards) these are best on cardstock.

Laminate all the printouts if you are planning to reuse the game.

Layout the game board on the floor. Have the "start" at one end of the room and the "finish" at the other, with the circles in between. Have one person be the moderator (this person won't play.). Have the moderator let the youngest person pick a card. Let them read it. If it is says "forgive and forget" on it. The person needs to share how they would forgive and forget in that situation. If they do, they can move according to the cards. If it isn't a "forgive and forget" card, they just follow the instructions.

The moderator walks to the players to give them cards (youngest to oldest) so they don't have to move off of their spots.

The first one to the finish wins.

Additional rules.
If someone lands on a spot that another player is on, then they both keep one foot on the spot.

If someone gets the "change players with the person of your choice" card and they are in front, they don't have to change places with anyone.