The Articles of Faith

Printout 1 (cut into strips), Printout 2 (print out enough of these for everyone to have one).
Tape or Glue
Markers or Crayons

In 1842 a man named George Barstow wanted to write a book about New Hampshire. He wanted to include a section about the Mormons. He talked to his friend John Wentworth. Mr. Wentworth wrote a letter to Joseph Smith to ask him about the churches beliefs. Joseph responded with his experience of the first vision and many other church information. Joseph ended the letter to Mr. Wentworth with 13 points about what the church believes. These 13 beliefs are now called the Articles of Faith.

Have Everyone find the Articles of Faith in their scriptures. Read over them and talk about each one.

Why are the Articles of Faith so important?

Everyone pick an Article of Faith to learn. Hand out Printout 2. Paste the Article of Faith that each person wants to learn in the box. Have them then draw, in the oval, a picture about that Article. for example:
#1 could be a picture of Jesus and Heavenly Father, #2 could be a picture of Adam and Eve, etc.

Practice learning your Article

Bare your testimony.

Recite the article that you learned next week in Family Home Evening