Being Spiritually Prepared
This takes some preparation but is a great lesson!

These printouts: Printout 1, Printout 2, Printout 3, Printout 4

Cut out the shapes. Each shape has an equal that is very close to it. These need to be back to back, so you can cut them out together and fold and tape them, or they can be cut out separately and put back to back that way and taped. Laminate pieces together if possible


Discuss Captain Moroni and the wars he and the Nephites were having with the Lamanites.

Read Alma 50:1-4. Talk about each verse and build the city as Moroni builds each wall. After all the verses are read, add the Lamanites.

The city should look like this:

Do you think this city was strong enough to keep out the Lamanites? What if Moroni didn't build any walls or towers?

Let someone turn over the middle square.

Like Moroni protected his city, how can we prepare to keep our home and family protected?

Let someone turn over the Heaps of Earth. Talk about how they protect us, then continue with the timber, pickets and towers.

What are some things that, like the Lamanites, might try and break down our walls? (turn over the arrows)

What if we take some of these away. (Take some of the walls on one side down)

Bare you testimony. If we keep our walls strong, if we are prepared, then we will not give in to temptation and we will be able to return to our Heavenly Father.