Family Prayer
Making Family Prayer more meaningful

This printout

tape the Printout on a wall, or some other place that it can be seen my everyone.

Start the lesson by reading 3 Nephi 18:21. Look at the printout. Challenge the family to think of things beginning with these letters that they might do to make family prayer more meaningful. Write in the answers. The combined lists will give your family a picture of their responsibilities for effective family prayers.

Some examples are:
f, feel humble and sincere;
a, ask in faith;
m, make a commitment to live as you pray;
i, invite the Lord's Spirit to be with you; or l, love the Lord, family members, friends, and enemies.

Discuss ways you can make family prayers more spiritual and rewarding, such as:
preparing for the prayer by reading short scriptural passages or singing a hymn,
making family prayer a highlight of the day rather than something family members want to hurry through,
Praying specifically for individuals that might need help.

Conclude by baring your testimony about the importance of family prayer.