These Super Hero Printouts: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, (laminate them if you want, after you put the descriptions on)
Super Hero Descriptions printout (cut out and put on the back of each Super Hero)
Situations printout
Popsicle sticks to put the Heroes on if desired.


Don't you just love super heroes? Wouldn't it be a great world if every one would act like a super hero? It would be easy to love one another if everyone acted like one.  Well, we can't control the world but we can control ourselves.
Now, a super hero doesn't have to be large and strong. He doesn't have to know how to fly or shoot webs from his hands, He only needs to treat others like Jesus would treat them. Having good manners shows others that we love them and that we believe they are special.
There are six special rules we can learn to help us have good manners. These rules  are like super heroes too. So, meet the GREATEST Super Heroes of ALL TIME!
(Hold up each super hero and read the back)

Game: read each situation and guess what super hero it best goes with. (let each person be a super hero if you would like).