Missionary Work 2

This printout (one for every two family members) cut them in half.
Pencils or pens

Read Alma 17: 11-12

Where did the Lord tell Ammon and his brothers to go to share the gospel?

Were the Lamanites friendly?

What happened to Ammon? (he was bound up, but because of his service was able to teach Lamoni the gospel)

Do you think it was easy for Ammon?

Sometimes it is not easy to share the gospel.  We have been asked to share the gospel with our friends, how can we do this?

Give out the printouts. Have them fill them out, by choosing someone and checking one of the boxes, what they will do for that non-member friend.

Tell everyone to report next week what happened with their experience.

Bear your testimony that they will be blessed for sharing the gospel.