Missionary Work

Printout 1 (cut into strips and put into a bag or bowl)
Printout 2 (cut out tags and use tape or safety pins to attach to shirts)

What is missionary work?

Who should do missionary work?

What are some ways we can share the gospel?

Door to Door
Have someone pick a slip from the bowl and not show anyone. Have them go into a room or a closet. Choose two people to be missionaries going door to door. Have them put on the tags. Have them prepare what they will say before knocking on this door (introduce themselves, try and set up a time to teach them, etc). Once they knock on the door, the person behind the door opens it and after listening to their introduction, says what is on the slip of paper.

Some people should accept the invitation to meet with them and some should not.

Ask these questions after everyone has had a turn to be a missionary and a contact.
How did you feel trying to explain the gospel?
How did you feel when they didn't believe you and didn't want to meet with you?
How can this situation be the same as sharing the gospel with your friends?

Bare your testimony about missionary work.