This lesson is based on the repentance lesson from Gospel Principles.
Use that for a reference.

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Masking tape?

(Cut out signs before lesson)

What does it mean to repent?

How do we repent?

Show the steps of repentance by holding up the steps in order, or taping them to the wall. For older kids, have them look up the scripture on each sign. Talk about each sign and have someone explain it.

Recognize our sins
Feel sorrow for our sins
Forsake our sins
Confess our sins
Make restitution
Forgive others
Continue to keep the commandments

When should we repent?

Read this quote form Gospel Principles:

We should repent now, EVERY DAY. When we get up in the morning, we should examine ourselves to see whether the Spirit of God is with us. At night before we go to sleep, we should review our acts and words of the day and ask the Lord to show us the things for which we need to repent. By repenting every day and having the Lord forgive our sins, we will experience the daily process of becoming perfect. As with Alma, our happiness and joy can be sweet and exquisite. (Alma 36:12:21)

Bear your testimony about how we will be blessed when we repent.