These printouts: Printout 1, Printout 2, Printout 3

Cut out the edges of printout one and two and tape or paste them together, the temple will overlap, when complete, there should only be 5 "P's". Tape the temple on the wall. Cut out enough people for your family, (or just the kids) from printout 3. Write their names on one of the blue squares and tape it to the empty space at the bottom of each child. Color each child if you want.

Cut out the remaining blue squares. Write names of ancestors on them and place (or hide) them around the room.

Explain that in the temple we make promises to follow the Lord. Give each family member a body.  The body walks through the temple from the bottom to the top. Each time they pass a "P" they have to make a promise, for example: I promise to follow Jesus; Obey; pay tithing etc. In the end they get to the top of the temple and are part of the family forever. Their name is left in the top room of the temple. You could also provide a treat when they get to the top. Next tell the children there are pieces of paper around the room with other names on them that they must find. The names are of ancestors who are dead. Once found, ask the children how these names can get to the top of the temple without bodies. Have them stick the names to their own bodies and bring them to the top of the temple.

Contributed by Patrick Connolly