First Recorded Apostasy on Earth - Children of Adam and Eve. (See Moses 5:13)

Noah's Predictions- Great Flood.  New Covenant  Established by Lord with Noah.

Time of Christ- Jewish Nation continues with periods of righteousness and wickedness.

Prophecies Foretelling the coming Apostasy- Matthew 24:4-13, Matthew 24:23-26, Acts 20:28-30, 2nd Thess. 2:1-4, 1st Timothy 4:13,2nd Timothy 3:1-5, 13, 2nd Timothy 4:1-4

Changes- Confessionals and Penitentials, Purgatory, Indulgences, and Treasury of Merit.

Corruptions- Councils of Bishops, other religious authorities, and civil authorities established church doctrine by reason and debate rather than by

Popes- Line of authority - unbroken succession?

Total Darkness- Great Apostasy lasted about 1800 years; Priesthood lost - authority lost; Christ crucified; Apostles gone - Loss of leadership; Temporary victory for Satan.

Restoration- Darkness turns to light - Priesthood Power and authority again brought to Earth.

Personal Apostasy- Shopping on Sunday; using bad language; failure to attend meetings; football (on Sunday); failure to pay full tithing.