Making a Book
There are lots of ways to make books. You can punch three holes in the side of the paper and put string through all of the pages, but here we show directions for a book that looks nicer, and lasts a little longer.

Step 1: Cut out two pieces of cardboard (or heavy cardstock)
Lay them on a bigger piece of paper, so they are separated and away from the edge.
Glue boards to paper

Step2: Cut off corners off corners of paper until it touches the corner of the cardboard.
Cut off half triangles on the out rim to make the spine of the book. Cut them down to the cardboard (see diagram)

Step 3: glue all edges down around cardboard (the spine will not have cardboard, so just glue it back onto itself)

Step 4: Fold cover

To add pages: Cut a bunch off paper TWICE as wide as the front cover. Fold them in half and glue the first side to the inside cover, and the other side to the next folded page (each page will be double thick).