Nick's Paper Claws
We have FINALLY re-done Nicks Claws. We hope these pictures and directions are easier to understand!

Needed: One piece of regular paper

Fold the paper over, into a triangle to meet the other side


Fold the leftover bottom up


Fold down the little corner into a triangle

Fold down the sticking-up corner so you can't see it

Grab the side above the little triangle.

Fold it over to meet the other little triangle.

Now grab the other long pointy corner and fold in OVER the little triangle

Fold the ENTIRE paper in half (at the crease) to make a triangle

 Grab the corner with the small triangle. Take the TOP LAYER ONLY and fold it in half to meet the other side.

Fold up the little pointy corner and to make that side parallel

Take the NEXT little triangle layer and fold it over

Take the thick fold in your hand. Take the BIG triangle and wrap it around behind the smaller,thick, triangle, wrap it all the way.

Wrap the BIG triangle, back behind the thick piece (this part is kind of hard to explain, but look at the next few pictures. That should help)

Tuck in the leftover piece


Find the hole in the top of the sticking up triangle.

Stick your finger in the top triangle for your claw!

For the thumb claw, fold the little triangle into the big one