Paper House

Print out the House page (click HERE and print) and cut out the square.

Fold it in half (with the squares on the inside), and over again

Fold the paper in half long ways

Fold it in half long ways again, open it and make two folds to the middle crease.

Open the paper (there should be a crease on every line), and cut on all the DOTTED lines

Tape (or glue) square 3 on top of square 4. Tape square 6 on top of square 7. (this will be the roof

Tape half of square 1 across half of square 4 and the same with 5 and 8. This will be the walls.

The hose is now done. You can color a roof on or make one out of a different color paper. You can draw windows and doors or cut them out if you like.

Try making it look like a barn or a gas station. Use your imagination and you can make an entire town!