For this project you will need:
A card (or page of your book)
A piece of paper or cardstock that will fit inside your card or page

Pop-up Coil

Step 1. Take your piece of paper or cardstock and cut it into a coil. (See diagram)
Step 2. Cut the coil out by rounding off the end.
Step 3. Turn the coil over and put glue in the middle (not too much that it will squish onto the other line), and place it with the glue side down on the left side of the card or page. Put the entire coil down, don't hold the end and leave it ALL on the left. this will help it to close correctly/
Step 4. Glue the end of the coil. (Which should still be laying on the left side of the card.)
Step 5. Close the card or page and and wait a few minutes for it to dry.
Step 6. Before the card is is completely dry, open it and make sure only the two ends are sticking to the paper. You might want to leave it open for it to completely dry.