Monster Mix-Up
(This game would be best printed on cardstock)

You will need:
Monster card Printout (cut out each card, on the lines)
Monster Movers Printout 1 and Printout 2 (Cut out each circle, make sure to include the color strip around the outside)
2 Lid Printouts (cut out circles, make sure to print 2, you need twelve lids)
Clear tape

Set up:
Cut out all the pieces. Tape the "lids" on top of the "Monster Movers" (the bigger circles). You might want to tape just one strip of tape outside across the top. MAKE SURE you can lift the lids to see what is underneath.  The lids should cover ALL the white.

Mix up all the monster movers on a table so you don't know which is which

Place all the square monster cards face down on the table.

Playing the game:
The person going first draws the top card and tries to find the matching monster under one lid. If he/she finds it, then they get to keep the Monster mover and the card.

If they don't get a match they put the card in a discard pile and it is the next persons turn.  The players will want to remember what is under that lid in case they pick that card.

If a "Mix it Up" Monster Mover is uncovered, then everyone shouts "MONSTER MIX-UP!". That person mixes up ALL the movers! The play then goes to the next player.

If the square cards run out, shuffle the discard pile and start over.

The game ends when all the cards are gone (there will be two mix-it-up movers still on the table)

The person with the most matches wins!