Sound Out
This game works best if printed out on cardstock

What you will need:
Letter Printout - Print one (or two if you want a really long game) and cut out squares.
Category Printout - Print one and cut out squares (best if on a different color paper than the other)

Set up: Put the letter cards and the category cards each in their own pile upside down on a table.

The person going first picks one card from each pile.
They try and guess something in that topic that starts with that letter
For Example:
If he/she picks a "C" and transportation the answer could be "car"
If he/she picks a "B" and fruit or vegetable the answer could be "banana or Bing cherry"

If the person thinks of something they get to keep THE LETTER

If the person can't think of something, the letter goes to the bottom of the pile.

The category cards need to be put in a discard pile after each turn. When the category cards run out, they are shuffled and start again.

When the letter cards run out the game is over. Whoever has the most letter cards wins

Extra Rules:
No words can be used twice in the same game.