2 pieces of paper
2 pencils (pens, crayons or colored pencils won't work)

The game uses two players.

Each player folds their piece of paper in half. Then, open your paper. On one half of the paper (on the inside of the fold) make five "spaceships". These can be stars, squares or any shape. Make them as small as you can anywhere on the one side. The smaller the ship, the harder for the apponent to bomb them. Once the spaceships have been placed, the game begins. Your apponent makes a small circle (about the size of the end of a pencil, the eraser part) on the side of your paper that there are no ships. Your opponent will then close the paper (the spaceships and his/her bomb will be inside) and color firmly over the bomb he just placed (on the back side of the paper). If done correctly, when he/she opens the paper, there will be a bomb mark on the spaceship side. If a spaceship is hit the player gets to go again. there is no measuring with fingers or pencils! Keep taking turns whenever someone misses.
    Whoever gets all ships first, wins. If the person who went first wins, the other player gets a last chance to tie the game

Have fun