Super Stories

These printouts : printout 1, printout 2, printout 3, printout 4, printout 5, printout 6
3 bags

Cut out printout 1 and put all the girls in one bag (cut each girl out individually). Tape the word "girls" to the outside of the bag.

Cut out prinout 2 and put the boys in the second bag. Label the boy bag as well.

Cut out all the other printouts. Place them in the third bag.

Now you are ready to begin. The first person picks a person out of the girl or boy bag, and sets it down in front of them. That person then begins the story, something like this "Once upon a time....," and proceeds to give the person he/she picked a name and tells a little about that person. The next person then draws a picture out of the third bag and continues the story, using the picture that they picked. Try and make the story exciting with adventure. Use your imagination! After 6 pictures have been chosen, end the story and start over.

Have Fun!