Colored Eggs

To begin the game by picking a wolf and a "Mother or Father Egg". Everyone else is "Colored eggs" . The wolf leaves the area (a porch is good) and the mother (or father) egg asks all the other eggs what color they want to be. Once the mother/father finds out the colors of the eggs, they call the wolf.
    Then the wolf comes up
The father/mother is turned around, facing the eggs,  back to the wolf, and the wolf knocks on his/her back (like a door), and the dialog begins. (This dialog is essential to playing the game correctly :)

Wolf - Knock Knock!
Mother/Father - Who's there?
W. - The big bad wolf.
M/F - What do you want?
W. - Colored eggs.
M/F - What color?

then the wolf starts picking colors. When one of the "eggs" colors is picked, they get a three second head start to run around a designated area without getting tagged (around a tree, bush, fire hidrant, etc.). Even if the player gets tagged, the game continues, until all the "eggs" have been chosen. The last player to be tagged of the group becomes the wolf, the wolf of that round becomes the mother/father and the Mother/Father becomes one of the eggs.