Make A Restaurant

This is a really fun idea for dinner.

The Place:
Set aside a place a backyard is best but a big family room will work.

The Sign:
Put up a sign of your restaurant (if your date has a favorite expensive restaurant, name it that). use the small white Christmas lights (if possible) to put around the sign, and plug them in.

The Menus:
Make menus with the food you will be serving.

The Setting:
Try and get as many card tables as you can. Put table cloths on them if possible. Try and talk family and friends into coming over for some ice cream. Make sure they are seated and eating when you and your dates arrive. It is essential that your friends and family ignore you and your date. This makes it seem like a real restaurant.

The Waiter:
Have someone dress as a waiter in a fancy restaurant (they could wear a towel over their arm). Make sure they ask how many he will need to seat, give you your menus and bring some complimentary sparkling cider. He will take your order and bring the meal.

People (your friends and family) can come late, or leave before you, but be sure that no one arrives or leaves the same time as you.