Make a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are fun, and easy to do.

The best treasure hunts are in rhyme. It may seem hard at first but after you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple. Take the clue and see what you can do.

The clue is at taco bell in the third tree on the right. Here are some rhyme examples.

Drive to the Taco Bell
On this real fun night
and look in the tree
the third form the right


To Taco Bell you should go
How happy you will be
When you count to the right
and look up the third tree.

After a while of practice the poems get better.

The difficult part of a treasure hunt, is making sure you put the clues in the right place. You have to hold onto the clue of the place to go first, then put the second clue in the first place and the third clue in the second place, etc. This can get a bit confusing. Just start at the first place and leave the clue to where you want to go next.

Other ideas:
Do a bike riding treasure hunt
Have them do things on there treasure hunt like "Ask the man at the door if he needs to get his chimney swept, in order to get your clue", etc.