It is unsure when May Day actually started. Some think it started with the Romans worshiping their their Goddess of Spring Floralia, and some believe the spring festival celebration goes back much farther than that. May Day has been celebrated in many countries in different ways.

England - People gathered flowers to decorate their homes and churches. They sang carols and recieved gifts for doing so. They chose a Queen and King of May, and danced around the maypole

Italy - Boys serenaded their sweethearts

Switzerland and Germany- A May pine tree was placed under a girl's window secretly

France - May Day for France was a religious holiday. They considered the month of may sacred to the Virgin Mary. They had girls be the May queen and these girls led a procession in the honor of the Virgin Mary.

Because the Puritans didn't celebrate May Day, it was never celebrated with as much enthusiasm in the United States. But, in many American towns, children made paper baskets, filled them with flowers and left them on neighbors doorknobs.