Prize Give-Away

1. An hour timer (that rings or dings when the time is up). The little white kitchen timers work best.
2. Lots of little gifts (Super size candy bars, etc.) Check your dollar store. You can also make little baskets full of goodies. Make sure there is a variety of prizes.
3. THIS Printout. (make up some of your own if you want.)

Preparation - Cut the printout into strips. Fold each thing and put it into a bowl, hat or basket. Get something, towel, fabric napkin, to cover the timer.

When all the guests have arrived tell them the rules, which are:

Whenever the timer goes off You will draw a paper out of the basket. Whoever best fits the criteria on the paper wins a prize. (Decide before hand whether someone can win more than one gift and let them know).

 Set the timer randomly throughout the night. If you have a lot of gifts, you may want to set the the timer for around 25-35 minutes, if you don't, set it for around an hour. (Sometimes two people might win). Set the timer differently each time so know one knows when it will go off. Cover it with the towel. Once the timer goes off, the slip is chosen and someone wins, reset the clock and start over. Whoever was the previous winner gets to pick the slip the next time the clock goes off.

Keep the game going until the party is over. It will make the whole night brimming with anticipation!