Family Home Evening Charts
Having a chart helps to keep things organized and the children feel more included.

Ice Cream FHE Chart - One of the best FHE treats in chart format

Spinner Chart - Super easy, Print out these circles on cardstock (CIRCLE 1, CIRCLE 2). Write the name of each family member on each arrow. (If there are less family members than arrows, use the adults more than once). Laminate each circle (if possible). Put the arrow circle in front and use a fastener in the middle. Rotate one spot each week.

Heart Chart - This chart made from hearts is a cute way to keep track of FHE duties

Family Home Evening at Home - Print out this cute home to remember who has what Family Home Evening task.

Daisy Chart - This chart has an extra task, which is great for bigger families!

Share your own ideas for making a Family Home Evening chart HERE