Read 2 Nephi 2:27-28 before the lesson and work it in when you choose.
Print out this MONSTER on paper or cardstock. Put on a pop cycle stick if available.
Print out STAD. Cut out each square and paste the description on the back of each letter.
Print out these SITUATIONS. Cut them out.

What is a consequence?
It is a result  of a specific action or choice.

Have someone stand up and jump in the air.
What is the consequence of jumping up?
You fall back down.

What is the consequence if you don't brush your teeth or don't go to sleep or eat unhealthy food?

(Get out the monster).
Meet the Want Monster. He love bad consequences. He wants you to suffer by encouraging you to choose what you WANT instead of what you should do. He sits on your shoulder and laughs when you choose wrong. One way you know he has control of you is when you find yourself whining "But I waaaaaaaaant tooooooo."As soon as you say that, you can be sure that you must fight back. But don't worry, you have a very strong weapon to defeat the monster. Your weapon is your brain. Just think about the consequences of your actions and just STAD, yes STAD! STAD represents the four steps to help you and your brain against the Want Monster.

Get out the Letters
Read the steps on the back of each card.

Have someone be the want monster, and have them hold the monster on someone else's shoulder. Read the different situations and have the Want Monster persuade them to do the wrong thing. Have each family member take a turn. Use STAD to try and control the monster.

Try and incorporate family specific situations of your own.