Sacrifice and the Nauvoo Temple

This printout of Joseph Toronto
Nauvoo Temple printouts for activity (find the Nauvoo Temple Printouts on THIS page in our kids section)
Glue (a glue stick works best)

Cut out Joseph Toronto. Cut out pieces of temple ahead of time if you wish.

What is sacrifice?

(have someone hold up the picture of Joseph Toronto)
Tell his story:
This is Joseph Toronto. He was born in Sardinia, a little island by Italy, in 1818. He worked there as a sailor and later came to Boston. It was in Boston that he met some missionaries from the church, and was baptized. Instead of going to Nauvoo with the saints he decided to stay with his business of selling fruits and vegetables, but but when his boat capsized and he almost drowned, he decided to move with the saints. Joseph had saved money from his business and as a sailor, and when he came to Nauvoo and saw the need for money fro the temple he gave his savings to Brigham Young. It was over $2500. Through his sacrifice, many supplies for the temple were purchased.

How can we sacrifice for the church and others?

Do we get anything when we sacrifice?

Bare your testimony that sacrifice brings blessings.

If possible share a story about how sacrifice has helped you in your life.

Build the Nauvoo temple.