Build the town of Nauvoo! There are people and buildings necessary to print out  all you need


Glue (a glue stick works best but any kind will do)
Paper for printing - cardstock works best, but regular paper works too, just a little flimsy.

Directions: Cut out each section and follow the directions on the flaps.

The Kimball home
Front of house
Back of house

The Scovil Bakery

Front and back of house
Roof and Scovil Bakery Sign

The Lyon Drug and Variety Store
Front and right side
Back and left side

Pendleton Log Home and School

Front and back

Nauvoo Post Office

Webb Wagon Wheel and Blacksmith Shop
Front and roof

The Nauvoo Temple

Right side
Left Side (do the same folding and gluing as indicated on right side)
Temple front (cut straight across the bottom)
Temple back
Temple Roof (Large)
Temple Roof (Small) and trees

People of Nauvoo
Cut out the Nauvoo People, around the lines (the ones on the right are cut off on the ends a bit, so you might have to adjust. Cut the little slits and bring them around the back and put the slits into each other, so the people stand.
Nauvoo People

If you have any questions about building Nauvoo, please let us know! We would be happy to help you with any questions.