Table Games
Here are some fun games that you can play on rainy days or any other time.

Space Ships - a fun game, all you need are two white pieces of paper and two pencils.

The Dot Game - players take turns drawing lines between dots, (only horizontal or vertical, no diagonal). Players can only draw a line between dots that are next to each other. If a person completes a square, they put their initial in that square and they get to go again. the person with the most squares when the game is over, wins. (click HERE for a printable dot game sheet (a little squiggly), four games)

Sing it! - If you like to sing this is the game for you! You can use as many players as you want.

Tic-Tac-Toe - Print out your own. Take turns. See who can get three in a row first. Print out these two pages (on cardstock is best). TIC-TAC-TOE BOARD, X's and O's

Sunk - A printable Battleship style game. For two players

Take it to the Edge - This seems simple but is lots of fun. Get a pencil and paper to keep score. Get a quarter or a nickel. you might need a ruler as well for measuring. One person sit at one end of a table and one at the other.  Take turns seeing who can get the quarter closest to the edge of the table without falling off. Whoever is closest gets a point. If both players get theirs off the table nobody gets a point.) Take turns going first. Whoever gets to 5 first wins.

Sound out - A fun word game

Monster Mix-up (A Splash Favorite!) - Find the Monster Match before it gets mixed up!

Zilch - Six dice and a 3+ players is all you need for this family favorite.

Quick Draw McGraw - A Pictionary style game for kids! For 3 - 4 players

Super Stories - Use these fun pictures to make up fun stories.